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Aug 28, 2016

Change the Way You See LOVE

Everyone likes to hear a love story where a handsome boy meets a pretty girl and instantly fall in love with each other. They would go for a couple of dates until finally they get married and finally share every adventure with each other. And just like everyone else, I have always wanted to start my own love story by finding a pretty cute guy who could be my prince charming and create lots of memories with him. But as they say, Love comes in unexpected places. You can't really find love by looking for it. It has to catch you off-guard. And that is actually true in my case. But in my case, love came in an unexpected form - a cute little puppy.

The first time we ever saw Crumpy - a sharpei who soon became our very first pup, we felt it was love at first sight. With even hesitating or thinking twice, we immediately bought him and brought him home. Never mind the fact that all these years, our mom never wanted to have a dog because at that moment, even mom couldn't resist such a cute pup. That was how my love story began and that was nine years ago.

Over the years, it wasn't a very smooth ride. Having no experience taking care of a puppy, we were initially so frustrated with the play bites and the uncontrolled toilet habits he had. He would even go around biting things and end up destroying them, and even my favorite pillow was victim to that. But then he would show us his puppy dog eyes so instead of punishing him, we would just end up petting him even more. So you can just imagine our joy when he finally got over the teething phase and was already potty-trained.

There were also times when he'd get sick so we had to take him to the vet. One instance would be when he had a common eye problem that needed surgery. We were so worried because he even had to wear his cone of shame for a week just so it could heal properly. And during that time, he was treated like a royalty, being showered with delicious treats and a lot of hugs.

But nothing can beat all the outings we went on just so we can walk him. We've taken him to Mall of Asia, Bonifacio High Street, and other dog--friendly parks and each time, you would see how happy he was with his tail pushed up, wagging frantically. It would always be a fun trip, even though we would always have to prepare his baby bag everytime to make sure we had cleaning materials for his abrupt bowel habit and water for him to drink when he got thirsty from the walk.

And because of all the experiences I've shared with Crumpy and now, also little Crumpy's, it somehow changed the way I see love. Love is not just having a boyfriend or a girlfriend. And I believe the best way to describe it is through this acronym of L-O-V-E:

L - Loyalty 
Love is all about being loyal to someone, despite all challenges you have to enoucnter. Despite all the times we got frustrated with our dog's behavior, we still continued to love him and nurture him.

O - Openmindedness
Love is all about being openminded and understanding about someone's flaws. No one is perfect, we all can make mistakes. And so we should learn to see through someone's flaws and appreciate the positive things that make you love him.

V - Vocation 
Love is a vocation, meaning it requires a lot of passion and commitment. It doesn't end just because you had a fight with that someone. Even if Crumpy has destroyed a lot of things that were special to us, we still didn't give up on caring for him. Instead, we put more effort into helping him understand what was untouchable for him.

E - Exciting
Love will always be exciting, contrary to what most people think. It is never a dull moment when you're with the one you love, especially when you can see and feel the happiness that your loved one is feeling. Whenever we give Crumpy a special treat or whenever we take him out on walks, we can really see the joy in his eyes and this makes us feel really good. And it is in these moments that we really love taking photos and videos with Crumpy. Although sometimes, it's hard to bring a camera and carry it together with Crumpy's baby bag as we walk hum. Thankfully, a smartphone with an advanced camera technology has come out. With Huawei P9, capturing exciting moments during our dog walks with Crumpy would not only be easier, but because of its high quality photos, they would definitely be able to capture the emotion and excitement of those moments. And because I have learned all of these after being with my lovely sharpei all these years, I couldn't be more thankful to him. Love truly comes in unexpected places and forms.

The same way Crumpy helped me changed the way I see love, Huawei P9 can “Change the Way You See Mobile Photography”.  Huawei P9’s camera is co-engineered with Leica. It has dual lenses that produces high quality photos and allow users to take amazing monochrome, slo-mo, colored, light painting photos among others.